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MCA-I ProTrack™ 2007

MCA-I Members got their Creative Kick in the Pants!
September 20-22, 2007

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MCA-I ProTrack 2007 wrapped up the end of September 2007 in Milwaukee! 
With three jam-packed days of information that helped attendees keep on top of their craft AND their business. Sessions included: 
  • Digital Asset Management
  • HD/Blu-ray DVD authoring
  • High Def Production
  • Streaming Media
  • Marketing and Customer Service
  • Podcasting and Social Media
  • Corporate Media Management
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And here are the Session Details with Speaker Info
- Business Success Track
- Evolving Delivery Systems Track
- Media Craft Track

Three days of ProTrack™ seminars were capped with the 39th Annual MCA-I Media Festival awards ceremony Saturday evening, September 22nd.

Milwaukee proved to be a great place to have fun. Along with the Brewers, brats and beer, look for art galleries, music, festivals, dancing, shopping, fine dining, charter fishing and more within a short distance of the Hilton. And the Milwaukee International Film Festival was taking place that weekend as well. 
And the week was topped off by chasing a little white ball around the lovely green Brookfield Hills Golf Course and raised money for the G. Warren Scholarship fund in the process. 
Missed the trip, but want to know more about Milwaukee? Take the Milwaukee Trivia Challenge. 
What Milwaukee icon informs its residents of the forecast by turning yellow for cold, red for warm and blue for no change?

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Six reasons you should have been at ProTrack 
Get a Raise! Learn more and impress your clients (or the boss).
Get More Business! Make connections and increase your business.

Look Smarter! Stay on top of technology.

Make More Money! 
Network with potential customers.
Recharge Your Creativity! Get a creative kick in the pants.

Re-discover Your Passion! Passion sells!
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  • Connie Terwilliger
    Connie on Dec 28, 2007 2:29 PM permalink

    MCA-I ProTrack 2007 in Milwaukee! What a great time. The sessions were great, as usual. And it was wonderful to reconnect with friends from all over the country and make a bunch of new contacts. And the location was wonderful. Looking forward to the next ProTrack.

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