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Jul 19, 2011 7:00 PM  EDT

MCA-I 2011 Demographics Survey: “Results show buying patterns remain steady, but job descriptions converge.” 

So what do today’s media communications professionals look like?

Well, they appear to wear a lot of hats. The percentage of Director / Producer / Executive producers decreased from the 2006 survey by about 5%, Cinematographers decreased by about 8% and Corporate Management decreased by almost 9%. At the same time, a new category “Wear Multiple Hats” in the 2011 survey garnered 22% - which coincidentally (?) is the same percentage as those other categories decreased. Please note that not all respondents answered all questions, so the percentages used here in this summary give a big picture result. The survey was also anonymous, so some of the results cannot be correlated directly to each respondent.
Of the 241 responses, the majority (58%) of the participants identify themselves as MCA-I members (mostly Individual members); Twenty six percent as past members of MCA-I; and sixteen percent have never joined MCA-I. Other geographic results of survey participants show:
  • Most of the MCA-I members responding to the survey were either At Large members (no chapter affiliation) or from Madison, San Diego and Orange County/LA chapters and North Jersey
  • Of the unaffiliated members - New York, Chicago and Cleveland had the largest number of participants, in that order
  • Other states and countries participating in the survey included Florida, Virginia, Minnesota, Kentucky, Texas, Kansas, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Bangkok Thailand.

Budgets appear to be down from 2006, but more than half (63%) of participants are expecting to spend anywhere from $5000 - $50,000 on media products and services this year. 22%  expect their department to spend $0-5,000 on media products and services this year. A little more than 5% expect to spend from $500,000 to more than a million dollars. 

Video cameras, media storage, video editing software/plug-ins, monitors/projectors and computer workstations are where the larger percentages of dollars will be going – not significantly different from 2006. This question allowed respondents to check off as many categories of purchases as was applicable.
  • 7% will be investigating video cameras for rental or purchase this year
  • 6% will be investigating video editing/compositing software/plug-ins with the same percentage considering media storage including hard drives, RAID, videotape and tape drives. 
Participants in the survey are actively involved in recommending and/or authorizing purchase of goods and services. 
  • 22% are involved in purchase of digital media and/or video products and services to the point of determining need. 
  • 18% evaluate brands or models and the same number of participants authorize or approve purchase
  • Only 6% are not involved in any purchasing.
Independent companies or organizations hold the title as the primary businesses offering production services like talent, editing, camera, writing, and graphics. Eighteen percent describe their business as an independent production company while 14% engage in education and training. 
  • 27% identify their primary function as director/producer/executive producer
  • 22% identify as wearing multiple hats
  • 10% identify as talent.
  • Nearly 9% responded as other – and the responses continued to show the convergence of jobs with many that could have checked off the “wearing multiple hats” category.
Interested in viewing the data in pie chart format? See the PDF >>>

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